Red Tip: Your Power to Influence

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Do you ever wonder why certain people have the ability to influence the world? Ghandi, Gandalf the Grey, Steve Jobs, Oprah and Enstein? We still feel their presence and their energy in the world even long after they’re gone. I am fascinated with people and more importantly the greatness that lies untapped in so many extraordinary individuals. Inside each one of us lives this innate and intrinsic ability to contribute and shape our universe. We all have it inside of us, this. This ability to become more intentional with how we want to push the human race forward. When we start to know that we have this ability and tap into it on a daily basis we are essentially contributing to change in this world by giving others permission to see and experience our inner light. Is this not what we are all born to be? To create to strive to reach to stretch to evolve into the best possible version of ourselves? What if greatness is no longer an option but rather a daily ritual like exercise, or meditating. Your ability to influence starts with a commitment now in this moment not when the bills are paid or the kids have left home or when the mortgage is paid off. Imagine if we all strive to share that incredible extraordinary greatness that lives in each one of us on a daily basis. This is a world worth creating worth contributing to.  As I continue stepping into my greatness by inspiring others to do the same, I know that I am elevating everyone around me. The power to influence connects us all in that the reader shapes the author and the author is shaped by the reader. Influence becomes a force and an energy that inspires the world. Recognize your ability to influence others in a positive way. Focus on your intention and the outcome that you want to see in others. Your influence shapes others and contributes to their growth when it is fueled by your passion and your purpose to serve and benefit...

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Hall of Fame Nomination

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We are thrilled to announce that Milena Santoro has been nominated in the Industry Mentor category for Meeting + Incentive Travel’s 2014 Hall of Fame. Industry Mentors The Industry Mentor category honors an individual planner or supplier who through his or her expertise, professional influence or academic position has provided others with the opportunity, inspiration or ability to pursue excellence. Awards Presentation 2014 Tuesday August 19 10:30 am, immediately precedes the Keynote Presentations John Bassett Theatre, Metro Toronto Convention Centre   Launched in 2009, Meetings + Incentive Travel inducts 6 individuals each year into the Hall of Fame.  These individuals have made tremendous contributions to our industry. The mandate of the Hall of Fame is to recognize and celebrate individuals who have distinguished themselves in the Canadian meetings and incentive travel industry. It is the only independent awards program for event professionals and suppliers in the country....

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Red Tip: Reinvention creates Momentum

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We are now in an age where reinvention is necessary and equally celebrated.  Long gone are the days where we can maintain the status quo and continue being spectators.  A city reinvents itself every 10 years.  It is time to show the world how much you’ve grown.  As a race we have been given an extraordinary gift to create our desired lives.  Many of us hold ourselves back from moving forward and embracing the new.  We continue to define ourselves by the past and by our titles.  We have conditioned ourselves to become comfortable with the known.  The key to unlocking a new level of untapped potential is to become uncomfortable with the comfortable.  Recognize that comfort suppresses the  passion for the soul.  Now is your time to stretch and grow into who you NOW want to be in this moment.  Leap forward, stand up, raise your hand, engage others and define yourself in this moment, its all you have.  The past is no longer relevant and the future has not arrived.  Use the power of WHY as your fuel and driver for your...

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Tying the Knot

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  The term “tying the knot” comes from India! The phrase ‘tying the knot’ derives from a longstanding Hindu wedding tradition in India. Instead of a wedding ring, a Hindu groom will give his bride a “mangala sutra” or “mangalsutra”, also referred to as a Thaali—a sacred thread of love and goodwill made of black and gold beads. He will loop the thread around his bride’s neck, tying the cord in three knots to symbolize the unity of their two souls for 100 years. The act of tying the knots concludes the ceremony, officiating the couple’s marriage. Much like a wedding ring, once a Hindu woman has wed, she will always wear her mangala sutra, as it signifies to others that she is...

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