Entertainment…and All That Jazz!

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Festive Event Planning  – Entertainment…and All That Jazz! A key element of any event is planning appropriate entertainment that works with the demographic, the venue and the design concept.  Entertaining guests could mean making them laugh, enchanting them with music, or discovering a new artistic experience. There are, of course, many styles music to choose from; jazz quartet to rock violinist to dueling pianos.  Musicians can be found through online websites, via your local symphony, or simply from word of mouth.  The holiday season is perfect for traditional carols, perhaps performed by an a cappella group or a local opera singer. Some events may require entertainment that is a little more unique, such as improv theatre, aerial acrobats or flair bartending.  Adding drama can be as simple as hiring dancers, actors, or even on-location artists. Choosing the right entertainment is crucial, as it enhances the atmosphere and overall feeling of the occasion.  With Edmonton’s vast arts community, there are always entertainment choices to  fit with any event.  Just remember to keep an open mind when researching different options, and explore the many talents within the event’s region. Here are just a few resources within the Edmonton area: http://www.muralmosaic.com/team.html – Lewis Lavoie – live event artist http://3rdstreetbeat.com/ – Internationally recognized Hip Hop/Contemporary Dance Studio http://www.fireflytheatre.com/ – Firefly Theatre (aerial acrobatics) http://www.kitanotaiko.ca/ – Japanese drummers http://atomicimprov.com/ – Atomic Improv http://www.zaharabellydance.com/ – Belly Dance Entertainment http://www.theredpiano.ca/groups/index.asp – Dueling Pianos http://www.ultimatebartending.ca/ – Flair Bartending http://www.casatangoedmonton.com/Home_Page.html – Tango Dancers http://www.grovecitychorus.ca/ – Barbershop Style A Cappella Group http://www.bellarougemusic.com – Specialty Show Band Bella Rouge So why don’t you paint the town, shake it up with entertainment. Create the unexpected, interactive, high energy experience, and all that...

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Giving Tuesday Dec 2

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I strongly believe in community and giving back.  Whether it’s through volunteering in various capacities, donating, fundraising or  providing training and development for volunteer leaders, and board development training for incoming or existing board members.    Devoting time and energy to these causes, actually improves my health and well being!   It feel’s great, such satisfaction. It also offers opportunity to connect to many people, provides a social outlet, and the best part…I get to share my skills, knowledge and abilities with others and learn from them too!  What a WIN-WIN!!! Throughout the year I  also support many charities and non profits, such as Edmonton Food Bank: www.edmontonsfoodbank.com, Coats for Kids and Families: www.myunitedway.ca/coats-for-kids-families and Homeless Connect www.homewardtrust.ca/programs/homeless-connect.php,  just to name a few.   Did you know?  There are over 4,000 charities and non profits in the City of Edmonton, and approximately 8,000 in the Edmonton region. Each of them doing great work to make Edmonton a better place. December 2nd is Giving Tuesday, a movement for everyone who wants to give something back.  Whether it’s making a donation, volunteering time, helping a neighbour or spreading the word.  You can get involved in GivingTuesday in many ways, such as a charity, a company, an individual or family and community group or school.  To learn more about Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving,  visit www.givingtuesday.org. Through your contributions, you are helping our Edmonton communities  Evolve, Engage and Elevate.                ...

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Festive Event Planning

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How to take the stress out of planning holiday events Whether you’re planning a family gathering or coordinating a large holiday event, the proper planning process is essential for success.  Here are some tips to get you pointed in the right direction this festive season: Goals are the backbone of any event.  When setting your goals ask yourself the following questions: What is the purpose of this event? What do you want to achieve? Who will be attending? Where would you like to host it? When in what time frame? How many people will attend? How will it make your guests feel? One of the most effective tools I use is the SMART model, here is an example: Specific: Host a holiday networking social for 20 of our closes friends on December 22. Measurable:    Contact the 20 invited guests by November 22 letting them know you are planning this event and to ask them to “save the date”. Attainable: Connect with invited guest by telephone, social media and in person also, as the other invited guest to share the information about the event with their network. Relevant – Invited guest have a long-standing relationships Time bound: Connect with proposed invite list by November 22, send out the save the date November 25 request RSVP by December 15 confirm final numbers by December 20 host event on December 22. Having concrete goals and objective clearly stated will help you stay focused, on the things to do and lessen the stress.  Keep checking back daily or weekly to ensure that you are on track or may need to adjust.   Brainstorming – This is the creative part!  What is your theme, colors, feel and design concept? Be as outrageous as you want, think big, and then scale back as needed. Don’t limit yourself to anything, the word “NO” is not an option.  You want to extract the most of your creative when you are going through this process. Budget – Achieving event goals with exciting creative ideas while staying under budget can be less stressful when you are prepared. Know what your budget is, stick to it, and always have a contingency plan.  It’s easy to break the bank, especially with those last minute impulsive choices. What will keep you accountable are your  GOALS.  Keep referring back to the goals and objectives you set out and ask yourself, will this decision help us achieve our goals.  Is this a “nice to have” or is this a “need to have”. Planning – Time to get organized and do the work!  You have a goal, a concept and a budget so now you need to get planning!  Deadlines, invitations, bookings…they all need to be...

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