1. Have a consultation with your hairstylist early on. 
After you’ve chosen a skilled stylist you feel comfortable with, make sure you start planning your look well in advance. Consulting with your stylist early on ensures that all the essential preparations can be made in time for your dream ‘do. If you are considering custom-made hair extensions, intricate decorations or any other type of complicated accessories, this is the time to communicate your ideas so that your hairstylist can make and order all the necessary elements.
2. Write an agreement that details your Wedding Day appointment.

Include your wedding date, your stylists and any assistants day of wedding contact information (if outside of the salon, their mobile phone numbers), appointment time, approximate time you will finish, style description and notes, pricing, and onsite address if your stylist is traveling to you.

3. Don’t make any drastic hair changes before your wedding.
This just screams disaster. If you and your stylist have decided to style your long brown hair, don’t throw a curve ball by chopping it all off and frying it with peroxide. There’s only so much a stylist can do to repair damaged hair, a bad dye job or an edgy haircut at the last minute. Don’t bomb the whole styling plan right before the Big Day. Resist the urge to make drastic changes before your wedding; let your stylist make those calls for you.
4. Ask your stylist for Wedding Day preparation advice.
If your stylist tells you to wash your hair the morning of your wedding, then you should do that. Ifinstead your stylist tells you to not wash for a certain amount of time beforehand, then follow her advice. Depending on how you want your hair styled on the Big Day, certain variables may make it harder or easier to style. For example, if your stylist is going to tease your hair or use a lot of heat tools, it can actually be better to show up without squeaky clean hair that will not hold the style you desire for the length of time you need it to. Your stylist knows hair, so go ahead and trust her.
5. Schedule a trial
Schedule a Wedding Day trial followed by a dress fitting. Once your hair is styled, you can see how your chosen hair style and veil will look with your dress. If you color or highlight your hair, you may opt to add, define or tweak highlights or color in the weeks leading up to your wedding, so they are properly balanced with your wedding day do’.  For your hair trial, follow the preparation advice from your stylist just as you would for your Wedding Day. Bring your veil or any accessories you plan to use in your hair. Keep track of the amount of time it takes your stylist to complete your look. Does the timeframe align with the start and end time included in your agreement? If your trial takes longer than anticipated, adjust your agreement with your stylist and your salon. Your hair appointment can determine the timing of your entire Wedding Day so it’s important to schedule it carefully as well as pad it with extra time.