From bridesmaid dresses and boutonnières to neckties and napkins, color choices abound. So before you get knee-deep in wedding plans, settle on your color scheme.

Tip #1: Pick your favorite color.
If you’re overwhelmed by all your color options, keep it simple: Choose your favorite color and use that as your base. Pick a lighter hue and a darker shade of your base color to widen your color range and decorate according to that palette. If your favorite color is cobalt blue, for example, try a monochromatic color scheme with robin’s egg blue and navy or sky blue and royal blue. A strong color scheme has a contrast of light and dark colors, so don’t be shy about incorporating a broad spectrum.

Tip #2: Pick a flattering palette for your skin tones.
Your partner may favor bright orange hues to mimic a romantic sunset, but if your skin tone turns green whenever you walk by an orange wall, then you’ll probably want to consider a more flattering color scheme. You know what colors flatter you best, and you know what looks best on your partner, so try to compliment both of your skin tones by choosing a palette that won’t wash either of you out. You want to look your best on your Wedding Day, so don’t let unflattering hues make you look seasick in your photos.

Tip #3: Base your color scheme on seasonal flowers.

If you don’t have a strong opinion on color schemes, or if you’re trying to save on your budget, consider creating your color scheme based on flowers that will be in season for your wedding. For example, if you’re planning a fall wedding, opt for a palette with deep, rich,saturated colors, as the flowers of the season tend to be darker in color than those of spring or summer. Consider a color of scheme of deep purples or blood reds, with violet mums, red roses, magenta dahlias or blood-orange marigolds. The best part of basing your color scheme on seasonality is that flowers are significantly less expensive when they’re in season, so you’ll save yourself a bundle (quite literally).

Tip #4: Add a theme to your scheme.

Create a color scheme based on a motif. Try an “under the sea” palette with mermaid-scale shades of blue, sea-foam green, turquoise and indigo, then add a burst of flounder yellow. Or give yourselves a color tribute by incorporating colors that match each of your birthstones. Find more color schemes, tips and ideas, color palettes, and prints online at

Tip #5: Color like a celebrity.
One of the hottest celebrity wedding trends is to create a monochromatic black, white and gray color scheme and then add one electric color to the mix.