A 7 day plan to Motivate you into Action

Have you ever contemplated the BIGGER picture of the life you want to live. So many people that I meet, hold themselves back from stepping into this question for FEAR of not knowing or seeing the HOW.  This is your time to take 100% responsibility for how you want to live your one precious life that you have been gifted.  Become a MAESTRO of your life.  Everything that you have in your life this very moment is the result of the choices that you have made throughout your journey.  Becoming a MAESTRO of your life, means becoming aware of your ability to create your life.  This is your 7 day plan to regain control of your life. 


Monday: Clear the Path

  • Let go of the past, people, negative circumstances and energy that no longer serves you.  Clear your mind and give yourself permission to move yourself forward. See these past experiences as the greatest teachers of your life that served a greater purpose then release it.  Send these people love and light, smile and wish then well with no regrets.

Tuesday: Fixate on the End Prize

  • Blaze a trail for your new life by focusing ONLY on that which you wish to receive.  See and feel what you want.  This week, act as if you have already received it.

Wednesday: Still your Mind

  • High levels of peak performance need to be balanced with periods of deep renewal.  Sit in complete stillness every morning for 30 minutes upon waking up.  On Wednesday, include an additional 30 minutes of stillness before going to bed.

Thursday: Affirm your way to Success

  • Make a list of 7 affirmations and live one of them every day.  Start every affirmation with the words:  I AM…then list what you are intending to receive.  On Thursday, share your list of 7 affirmations with those closest to you.

Friday: Live with Gratitude

  • As you drift off to sleep, review all of the things that you are grateful for.  You can do this in your mind or read them out loud.  Review every moment and declare to the universe your gratitude for all of the special gifts from the day.  Upon waking up every morning, declare to the universe all of the things that you are about to create today.  You are creating your day in advance.  Be grateful for the MAESTRO that you have become.

Saturday: Collaborate with Others

  • Don’t do it alone, no one is ever alone.  Share your intention with others.  We can only help you when we know your intention.  We live in a new social world that rewards collaborative energy.  The world is waiting to life you up.

Sunday: Take Action Today

  • Make 7 calls, email 7 people and send out 7 thank you cards. Go after that opportunity with persistence, passion and with the intention of receiving it.  You are a MAESTRO and you are creating your life.