You don’t have to be a starlet to have an A-list wedding. Try these affordable versions of celebritywedding trends to create a top-tier event of your own.ADD A SPLASH OF COLOR

Celeb style: When Gwen Stefani wed Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, she knew she wanted something less traditional than a plain white dress. The singer/designer donned a one-of-a-kind John Galliano gown that graduated from a soft white into a hot-pink train.

Do it for less: Instead of commissioning a custom Dior gown like Gwen’s, add a splash of color to your gown withwedding accessory waist bands and belts.  Bright fabrics, beads and bows can also be fashioned into a sash, wrap or waist band. Celebrities love accents of black and jewel tones right now, so try a sapphire-navy, a ruby-pink, an emerald-green or a coral-red accent. Follow Gwen’s lead and match a single flower to your fabric to place on the strap of your gown or in your hair.


Celeb style: When My Girl actress Anna Chlumski married her husband Shaun So, the couple implemented traditions from both of their families’ backgrounds into their Wedding Day vision. To honor her husband’s Chinese heritage, Anna wore a traditional Chinese dress to her reception after the ceremony. The couple had both sides of their family partake in a time-honored tea ceremony before the reception, and for the party favors, the couple gave out chopsticks with the Chinese character for longevity printed on the sides.

Do it for less: Whether or not you and your partner have different cultural backgrounds, you can add a fun cultural theme to your wedding by incorporating a few elements into your vision. Follow in Anna and Shaun’s footsteps and offer a traditional Chinese or Japanese tea with dessert, along with fun party favors, such as silver fortune cookies with a thank-you fortune inside.



Celeb Style:On June 1st, Sean Parker, billionaire Internet techy and one of the creators of Napster and Facebook, traded vows with singer and songwriter, Alexandra Lenas. The couple swooned their guests with an extravagant, ‘over-worldly’ outdoor wedding and reception surrounded by the magical woodland forests of Big Sur, California. Beautiful, eye catching, individual, faux-fur blankets were draped over the back of each guest’s chair, providing protection from the cooling temperatures as the outdoor celebration continued and daylight turned to nightfall.  Large king size beds were also covered with faux-fur coverlets for comfortable conversation areas where guests could gather and mingle and feel protected from the crisp, cool mountain air.

Do it For Less: You don’t have to gift each guest with their own fur to implement this years eye catching trend. If you think your guests may get chilly, try rolling individual faux-fur blankets and placing them in baskets throughout your reception area, letting guests help themselves if they need some extra warmth. If your reception includes a lounge area, add furry pillows with a couple of different types of textured blankets on top and over the backs of the sofas and chairs. The different textures will add a visual depth and dimension to the area and your guests can “snuggle-up” with pillows and blankets to stay warm and comfortable while they socialize with other guests.



Celeb style: Like Lady Diana and Prince Charles, Kate Middleton (now the Duchess of Cambridge) and Prince William chose to take a royal carriage ride on their Wedding Day.

Do it for less: There are many companies, especially in urban areas, that offer tourist-attraction horse-drawn carriage rides. Do a little research to find one that could chauffeur you and your partner on your Big Day. If you don’t have a tourist company in your area, try contacting a local wedding planner, riding club, or even hobby farm regarding any services they may provide for your wedding day.