A daily ritual that will GRATIFY your lifeThe more that you focus on living with an attitude of gratitude, the more your world will open up new and greater possibilities.  Living in a state of gratitude is a 24-7 way of being.  It attracts, directs, creates and fuels your WHY.  Gratitude is a powerful energy, a fuel, an invisible layer of meaning and purpose to unlocking your greatest potential.  This is your new daily ritual that will shift your energy so you can receive your greatness: 

Morning Ritual: Still your Mind

  • Every morning, wake up smiling, and reviewing all of the things in your life that you are grateful for.  Make every step you take a creation.  You have the ability to create your day in advance. Be intentional with your thoughts, especially first thing in the morning, its the most powerful time of the day.  No checking emails or texts, get your but on a cushion on the floor and sit in complete stillness for 20 minutes, close your eyes, feel your breath as you breathe in all of the things you are grateful for.

Afternoon Ritual: Thank about it 

  • What you THANK about your BRING about so throughout the day, thank at least 10 people that cross your path.  Buy the next person behind you a coffee and be grateful that you just made their day.  Send out 3 hand written thank you cards to friends, clients and colleagues today.  Get excited about extending gratitude to everyone that you meet today.

Evening Ritual: Reflection

  • Turn off the TV, and spend 20 minutes writing thoughts of gratitude in your journal.  See every word that you write as a creation.  Make a list of all of the amazing gifts that you were presented today.  Start with the air you breathe, the sunshine, the food that nurtures your body, the loving embrace from your family, the light of day, the feeling of connection and knowing that you are not alone.  As you begin to drift off to sleep, review in your mind all of the people that surrounded you today with their light and their energy, give them thanks and send them all love and light as your subconscious begins to create your desired life.