By guest blogger Jodi Gagné  

Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live ~ Author Unknown

Weddings symbolize love, laughter and appreciation. A lot of thought goes into personalizing your wedding day with details that reflect who you are, the love that you have for each other, and the gratitude of being able to share your wedding day with loved ones.

As you plan your wedding, it is important to acknowledge the love and support you receive along the way.  There are many fun, unique and sincere ways to show your appreciation to family, friends, bridal party and your wedding team of professionals.

The most traditional but tried, tested and true is the thank you card. Your guests have taken the time, effort and thought to celebrate your occasion with a gift so the thank you card should not be overlooked.  When is the appropriate time to send them out?  Thank you cards should be sent immediately after receiving a gift.  For wedding gifts, there is a small grace period but keep in mind that a thank you card should ideally be sent out within three months of your wedding. And you’ll be surprised how a simple card to your wedding team for a job well done can go such a long way, as well.

As a host/hostess you are responsible for the comfort of your guests throughout the day and evening. Consider the various events and where you can add your personal touch to enhance your guests’ experience.  Something as simple as amenity baskets in the restrooms can end up being a thoughtful, and much appreciated gesture for those small yet personal emergencies.

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If the day promises to be hot, and you are asking your guests to participate in an outdoor Ceremony then you may want to consider setting up a water table, or offer parasols to create some shade, or even hand out freshly squeezed lemonade or snow cones to guests as they arrive.

For cooler weather then shawls for the ladies would be a nice touch, and a great way to incorporate your color scheme.

Though careful planning, and time management for this next idea is a must, your guests will truly appreciate the extra effort, and sincerity when they find a personalized note tucked into their napkin at their place setting.  What a lovely way to start the evening! Another popular trend for later in the evening is having baskets of flipflops setup by the dance floor – a great treat for dancing feet!

We’re huge fans of the welcome basket delivered to hotel rooms for your out-of-town guests. Adding a list of restaurants, and attractions to see during their stay is especially great for first time visitors to your city.  Consider what your city or location is most well known for and run with it!  Be sure to inquire with the hotel if there is an additional charge to have these boxes/baskets delivered to each room.                     Photo Credit: Joseph+Jaime

Don’t forget the little guests!  Wedding days are long days no matter your age. Having professional child care service available is a win for the children, and a win for the parents. If budget is a concern then you can still keep your little guests entertained with child friendly favors or personalized activity boxes at their place setting.  If there is ample space then a craft table with coloring books, puzzles, and activities can be the perfect hangout!

And finally, a lot of care and thought should be invested in finding a gift for your parents, and wedding party.  After all, they have, most likely, been your main support since your engagement!  Not to mention the number of meetings, planned or unplanned, that they were a part of. From theatre tickets to photo books to custom cufflinks to jewelry to personalized note cards the gift options are endless.

If you begin to feel overwhelmed with the idea of how to thank so many people then remember the old adage, it is the thought that counts.  The appreciation we share, and how we share it is entirely up to you but it all comes from the same place…from the heart.

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