EDMONTON – She’s an international media maven and philanthropist. Just a few days after her exclusive interview with Lance Armstrong, Oprah Winfrey is speaking to a crowd of 15,000 in Edmonton.

During the event, Winfrey is expected to share stories and experiences from her life and share insights on how others can reach their full potential. After the formal program, a question and answer session is planned.

Read it on Global News: Global Edmonton | Edmonton gets ready for An Evening with Oprah 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there but here are some key messages from @Oprah #yeg and all the tweeters (I was following from my cozy bed nursing my cold/flu…Oprah this wasn’t our time)…lots to think about….my favourite “I am a whisper on the breath of God”…

  • When you don’t know what to do, do nothing … Be still so you can hear your inner self
  • “Every day, there is something” that’s the reason we’re here
  • “Life always comes in a whisper first.”
  • Do all you can do and then surrender and let it go
  • Your life is speaking to you. Are you paying attention?
  • “Your greatness is defined by your service to others.”
  • “Failure at its most poignant is simply a push in a new direction.”
  • “Life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you.”
  • Whatever follows “I am …” will come looking for you
  • You become what you believe
  • I am a whisper on the breath of God
  • Our job is hearing our calling and to do it