A wedding ceremony rehearsal normally takes place one or two days before the Big Day andsometimes even the ‘morning of’ for a Destination wedding.  If you are having your wedding outside of a house of worship, a rehearsal may not be included with your wedding day contract.

If this is the case, inquire as soon as possible about reserving a rehearsal date and the cost for the additional rental time (typically you will need to reserve one hour of time).

If your ceremony site is not available consider planning an off-site rehearsal together with your wedding coordinator and Officiant. The alternate site can be someone’s house, backyard or even a park, or whatever space will best simulate the layout of your ceremony site when practicing the order of your processional and the various sequence of events.

Once your date is set, notify your wedding party as soon as possible to ensure they have plenty of time to accommodate the rehearsal into their schedules.