Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“The world needs BIG Dreamers, create want you seek most in life” – VISCA 


We recently conducted a poll with hundreds of individuals asking them the top 3 things that they seek most in life.  Over 97% of the responses were: HAPPINESS.  The responses were stated in the following way: “I want more happiness in my life, I want to feel a greater sense of peace…” So many of us continually search for what is already attainable inside each of us; ‘a greater state of happiness’.  Here is what I believe: Happiness is not something that you can attain since happiness attains you – it is who you are. What typically prevents us from continually living with a state of happiness is fear.  Recognize that fear only lives in the past or the future.  So act and be happy NOW and you will find that within this state, you can love unconditionally.