We are now in an age where reinvention is necessary and equally celebrated.  Long gone are the days where we can maintain the status quo and continue being spectators.  A city reinvents itself every 10 years.  It is time to show the world how much you’ve grown.  As a race we have been given an extraordinary gift to create our desired lives.  Many of us hold ourselves back from moving forward and embracing the new.  We continue to define ourselves by the past and by our titles.  We have conditioned ourselves to become comfortable with the known.  The key to unlocking a new level of untapped potential is to become uncomfortable with the comfortable.  Recognize that comfort suppresses the  passion for the soul.  Now is your time to stretch and grow into who you NOW want to be in this moment.  Leap forward, stand up, raise your hand, engage others and define yourself in this moment, its all you have.  The past is no longer relevant and the future has not arrived.  Use the power of WHY as your fuel and driver for your reinvention.