Up to this point, you have under estimated your true potential.  Today is the day you look in the mirror and confidently say to yourself:  “This is my time.  I am creating my life.  I am taking 100% responsibility for the results that I wish to experience.  This is my time to experience the love that I deserve.” Today is a new day, a rainy day to wash away all of your past doubts, fears and regrets that have been holding you back.  Today is the day you move forward with even greater passion and purpose to claim YOUR life – the one that you want to create on your terms.


This is your time to show others and more importantly, yourself that you can make your dreams come true.  Every thing and everyone has always been there, waiting to ‘take your hand’ and cross that finish line.  Now you are ready to receive it, you are ready to embrace everything and everyone that you deserve.

This is your time to come alive. www.defyeneurs.com

Push beyond the pain, stretch into your greatness and create the life you have imagined.