When it comes to preparing for your honeymoon, be sure to pack the right stuff. Here are a few things to consider before zipping up your luggage.√ Climate
It may seem obvious to pack according to the climate and the weather forecast of your honeymoon destination, but there are a few catches. Resorts in cold places typically have steam rooms, saunas, pools, Jacuzzis and fireplaces, not to mention the heat cranked up, so you should pack a swimsuit and a few lighter layers for when you’re indoors. On the other hand, the warmer a desert climate is during the day, the colder it can get at night, and the wind chill from a body of water can easily make temperatures drop at night, so you should pack a jacket and a few heavier layers for nighttime.

Traveling to Europe, men should pack a sports coat, and women should pack a shawl or sweater no matter what the forecast. Lastly, don’t forget to pack appropriate footwear. Bring a comfortable pair and a dress pair, and pick neutral colors that can match all your outfits.

√ Trip Length
The general rule of thumb is to pack as many outfits as days you’ll be away plus three. You may spill on a white shirt, feel too full to wear that tight-fitting dress or end up needing a fancier outfit for a restaurant you discover while you’re there. Whatever the reason may be, you should pack a few backup outfits just in case.

√ Activities
Pack for comfort if you think you’ll be out and about. Pack for style if you expect to go on lots of romantic dates while you’re away. Pack for whatever activities you think you may be doing. Realistically, you may plan to spend much of your time relaxing and decompressing from all thewedding planning, but you still should think about all the activities you and your partner might encounter.

√ Luggage
Feel free to register for your honeymoon luggage. When you register for luggage, check that the store has a solid return policy in case any pieces break or get damaged while you’re on vacation. Consider packing one large suitcase for the both of you and taking separate carry-ons. The large suitcase should have a band around it so you can buckle your carry-ons for easier carrying. Pack a soft bag like a duffle in case you make additional purchases while on your trip.  Select suitcases that have keys, with locks approved by the TSA so they won’t have to break the locks at security. Bring a laundry bag and a few large sealable plastic bags for any spills, mud, sand, or other messes on clothes or shoes. Test your suitcase at home: Fill your luggage and make sure that it doesn’t tip over when full and that the handle doesn’t break from the weight and pressure. (And that you actually can lift it.)

√ Packing Formula
Stick with a formula to maximize your luggage space and minimize the weight of your bags. Pack clothes of the same color scheme so that you can easily mix and match. Make a list of must-pack items or even lay out your clothes a month before you leave. This is a great time to try on all your clothes and to see if any pieces need mending or alterations—and will fit in your suitcase—and to ensure your suitcase doesn’t break when you fill it. Plan to make a quick stop at your destination for all the smaller items that you may not have been able to get through security, such as razors, sunscreen and hair spray.

For another space-saving packing formula: Check out this link for the bundle method.