When you get engaged, everyone will want to know (and you’ll probably want to shout it from the nearest mountain top), but having individual conversations with every person in your life can be logistically impossible. Here are some strategies to avoid the announcement chaos. 


1. Tell your family first.
You should share your happy news with each of your parents first. You can host a family dinner or make an announcement at a family gathering, but you should tell them in person, preferably when the family is all together. You’ll want to call or meet with close friends to share the good news as well, especially if you want them to stand up in your wedding, but your family should be the first to know.

2. Tell the masses in a fun, easy way.
For all of your potential guests, whether they’re friends or college roommates or work colleagues, it’s perfectly acceptable to make the announcement digitally. Send out a mass email or mass text, or post the announcement on Facebook or Twitter. You even could change your voicemail message to something along the lines of, “We can’t answer the phone right now—we’re busy getting engaged!”

3. Keep your engagement about you and your partner.
As excited as you are about your engagement, and as eager as you are to spread the joy of your announcement, you don’t want to take time away from your actual engagement. Keeping your announcement simple will save you time, energy and money—not to mention help you avoid those awkward “Why didn’t you tell me?” calls. Thanks to social networks and modern technology, letting everyone know about your engagement doesn’t have to take more than a few clicks of a mouse, and you can spend the rest of the time focusing on your engagement with the person you plan on sharing your future with.