Spring cleaning!!! I was going through some files and came across this article I wrote for a magazine, not too long ago.  This particular piece resonated with many of my clients both Couples and Parents for that matter.  It went something like this…

Many couples discover early on that planning a wedding is a huge undertaking and often a daunting task.  If this is your experience, this may be the time to consider hiring a wedding planner to help you through the process.  A professional wedding planner can act in whatever capacity you need: as a facilitator, a liason between you and the vendors, planning itineraries, or coordinating the wedding day itself.

Whether a formal affair, a garden setting or a destination wedding, a planner’s knowledge and expertise are well worth the investment to ensure that your event reflects your personal style and runs without a hitch.  Wedding planners are specialists who can bring many years worth of resources and relationships to match your preferences, tastes and even your fantasies.  An amazing amount of trust is placed in them, so it’s important that you interview at least three professional planners, in person. Be realistic in your expectations when discussing your vision.


During the interview be sure to ask the following questions:

Who are they and how long have they been in business?

What do they specialize in and what can they do for you?

When are they available and accessible and how many events do they plan per month?

What types of weddings have they coordinated or planned (size, budget, scope of work)?

Is this a full time operation? Where do they work from?

Why are they in the business and are they passionate about what they do?


Once the interview is completed, ask yourself:

How did this person make you feel?  Did you connect?  Did they listen?  Do you trust them?

As  a professional wedding planner, I encourage you to ask these questions. Take from this and build on it, with your own questions – specific to your needs.  That said, I tell my clients, to be prepared to answer an extensive list of questions, so I can better understand how to serve them and exceed their expectations.

With passion, Milena