A daily ritual focused on helping you live your WHY


I have recently made it my life purpose to inspire EVERYDAY people to live EXTRAORDINARY lives.  Every part of my being is centred around the power of WHY and helping millions of people define, extract and live it.  I define WHY as the World Helped by You. This Red Tip represents one a three part series helping you extract a new energy hidden deep with you.  With a compelling WHY, your universe opens up and allocates inspired energy fueling your HOW.  The key is to become aware of this WHY power and see it as an energy force driving the most inspiring chapter of your life.  Know with certainty that you were put on this earth with a life purpose.  It has always been there, waiting to be IGNITED by you and your belief in your untapped potential. As a human race, we all share this common thread, it connects us all.  We all have it, we are all born with these powerful WHY cells that have the innate ability to IGNITE a deeper purpose inside each one of us.  We were all meant to shine and greatness is our birthright.  It is not reserved for the few but for the many.  This is your time to give yourself permission to shine and ignite your WHY cells to become the person you were born to be.  Over the course of this month, I will focus on the 3 main areas MIND – BODY – SOUL.

The three work in harmony to protect, stimulate, ignite, communicate and connect to our deeper WHY and connect with others. Its this state of vibration that we are able to influence motivate and inspire others to live extraordinary lives.


Part 1 of 3: Daily Ritual: Ignite your MIND

  • The Mind  – when properly conditioned through the use of powerful visualization, stillness and affirmations, has the power to communicate our intention to these creative cells. For the next 7 days, live the following questions:  What makes me come alive, What is my BIGGER purpose and What do I want to be remembered for?
  • Next, write out your answers in the form of an affirmation that starts with: I am…then fill in the blank.
  • Every morning read these affirmations, then close your eyes and feel the experience of living your new life.
  • Throughout the day, take 5 breaks, close your eyes and repeat these affirmations with purpose and intention.
  • At the end of the day, write our what you are most grateful for, repeat the affirmations again and send out the powerful signals, believing that you are receiving your greatness.  Let it all flow, feel the energy building up inside you as white light, leaving your mind and resonating out to the universe.