Exceptional leaders are the ones that strive to inspire others to fulfill their life with purpose.  They are proactive and filled with anticipation.  Exceptional leaders are filled with ONLY promise and see potential in everyone and everything around them. Inspired leaders are selfless and believe that pouring themselves into others creates an inspired ripple effect within the world.  Exceptional leaders communicate like magic and engage others around them to act and build momentum.  They fixate on the end prize and fuel everyone around them with certainty and powerful intention.  Exceptional leadership resides in all of us.  You are born magnificent and the moment that you recognize these gifts, your light will shine and inspire others.
Leadership is about standing for a cause.
It’s about being Best in the World at what you do.
The cream always rises to the top.
The best always comes to light.
And the Great Ones among us can never be held back.
This Red Tip is dedicated to the thousands of youth that we are about to inspire across Canada in our BIG THINK YOUTH tour.  Extract your WHY and inspire others to do the same – the World will be Helped by You.   www.defyeneurs.com