Q. I am wondering if I need to rent or buy a tuxedo for my Big Day. When is it okay to wear a suit in lieu of a tuxedo? Hayfjn9HpqyKU-4xDKkGMOzApkFdiYCrQgdU5ew0xUs

A. If you are questioning whether or not to go with a tuxedo rather than a suit for your Big Day, a simpler formal suit can, in fact, be dressed up for a very formal occasion (like a wedding) with the careful use of accessories and with the added advantage of being worn again at the office holiday party (without people asking where the bride is).  Getting the right fit is more important than anything else. Whatever the brand name, the cloth used, the accessories added, if the tux or suit does not truly fit correctly then it is never going to look right. The idea of visiting a tailor and being measured and fitted may seem a bit fussy, but doing so really is the only way to ensure that you will look and feel your best for your Big Day. A good fitting suit always will transcend style.