Do you ever wonder why certain people have the ability to influence the world?

Ghandi, Gandalf the Grey, Steve Jobs, Oprah and Enstein? We still feel their presence and their energy in the world even long after they’re gone. I am fascinated with people and more importantly the greatness that lies untapped in so many extraordinary individuals. Inside each one of us lives this innate and intrinsic ability to contribute and shape our universe. We all have it inside of us, this.
This ability to become more intentional with how we want to push the human race forward. When we start to know that we have this ability and tap into it on a daily basis we are essentially contributing to change in this world by giving others permission to see and experience our inner light. Is this not what we are all born to be? To create to strive to reach to stretch to evolve into the best possible version of ourselves?
What if greatness is no longer an option but rather a daily ritual like exercise, or meditating. Your ability to influence starts with a commitment now in this moment not when the bills are paid or the kids have left home or when the mortgage is paid off. Imagine if we all strive to share that incredible extraordinary greatness that lives in each one of us on a daily basis. This is a world worth creating worth contributing to.  As I continue stepping into my greatness by inspiring others to do the same, I know that I am elevating everyone around me.
The power to influence connects us all in that the reader shapes the author and the author is shaped by the reader. Influence becomes a force and an energy that inspires the world.
Recognize your ability to influence others in a positive way. Focus on your intention and the outcome that you want to see in others. Your influence shapes others and contributes to their growth when it is fueled by your passion and your purpose to serve and benefit others.