We are very proud to be able to live, work and play in the Province of Alberta and two amazing cities such as Edmonton and Calgary. We are often asked why Alberta? Well, for many reasons but most important to share are the People, Places and Experiences.

Alberta people, are warm, hospitable and authentic.
Alberta places, we have so many places to see and go, you’ll be swept away by what we have to offer.
Alberta experiences, you will leave a changed person. As Travel Alberta puts it “Goosebump moments are personal and therefore different for everyone. Some find them while enjoying the thrills of whitewater rafting; for some it’s the moment when you enjoy the first bite of freshly baked pie in a small town diner; and for others it’s finding them in the solitude and relaxation of a spa. Some will find Alberta goosebump moments with family, taking advantage of our beautiful outdoors — spending a sunny summer day horseback riding or hiking through one of Alberta’s provincial parks.”

We are very proud of Alberta, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on earth, as vast as it is varied in landscape and experiences. Alberta is an exceptional corporate, socialvacation destination you won’t soon forget, filled with unique activities, urban charms and cultural jewels.

Located in the heart of western Canada, the province of Alberta is bordered by the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Banff and Jasper, world-renowned resorts in our Canadian Rockies, offer luxurious accommodation and fine dining. Take a day trip south and east into the Canadian Badlands and go back millions of years to the age of the dinosaurs. Or venture north into a land of pristine lakes, backcountry lodges, and trophy fishing.

Check out the things to do, places to go on the Travel Alberta website, click here for more information