Today’s Inspirational Quote:

“What you seek already resides deep within you” – VISCA 


Moments of peak performance must be balanced with times of deep renewal.  We are all going through life at higher speeds, taking on more and being more for others. So how do you find yourself within this sea of chaos?  Remember, you are a ‘human being’ not a ‘human doing’.  You are here NOW in this very moment, and this is where and how you will find yourself and create your life, but it starts NOW.

When you spend more time being present and less time focused on doing you will receive what you seek.  Here is the thing, it makes no difference how much you do or how fast you do it if you’re heading in the wrong direction!   So, let’s slow life down together and help one another find ourselves in the present moment.  When you slow life down in this manner to be present, you are actually putting yourself on the path that you were meant to experience.  This is where your true power lives and where you will find the peace that you are seeking.  When you relax your mind, you can see what the enlightened ones see…that the 1,000 mile journey always starts with the first step.  Another expression for this is called ‘mind – full – ness’,  the art of emptying your mind so you can remove the energy of fear.  The most efficient way to enter this state of consciousness is to practice stillness every morning and make it a powerful success habit.  The most successful people make time for the really powerful stuff and stilling your mind every morning through consistent meditation will help you find the order in the chaos.

Sohere are some tips to get you started:

  • Avoid watching news or stimulating your mind before bed.
  • Upon drifting asleep, express tremendous gratitude for the events of the day.
  • Wake up 30 minutes earlier, drink a full glass of water and sit in complete stillness for 10 – 15 minutes breathing and focusing on doing nothing and being nothing.  This stillness exercise is part of my daily ‘hour of power’ ritual.  You can download two of my recent visualization messages as part of my 11 day visualization series at:

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