Every thing that I manifested, whether it was inspiring 100,000 people world-wide, writing and publishing 9 books, launching over 1,000 brands or creating a global inspired movement, I always [focused] on creating a vision.  Having a strong and passionate vision will help you stay the course.  Think of your inspired vision as the ultimate GPS system for your life. Even if you start to drift a bit off course through discomfort and change, your vision will always get you back on track.  My vision building muscles started when I pursued an education in architecture.  I would often visualize the end result of the built form.  This vision would then carry itself through my drawings and my creative expression.  Over the years, as I gained tremendous clarity for my WHY, to creatively inspire people and their passions to action, I have gained a tremendous appreciation for the power to create ones vision to drive all of your goals.  I have a few expressions:  Be what you Seek and Fixate on the End Prize. Only you can drive yourself forward with passion and persistence.  Only you can chart the path and take the first step in your incredible journey.  Only you can light the candle and move yourself forward.  It all starts with the question:  How can I be of service to others?  Your journey then continues as a result of the legacy that you wish to create.


Life is brilliant and brief so focus on how you want to live and become all that you can be.  This is your time and this is your life, now go create it!